home & away

a vanity bag

a beautician


when i did the errands i could finally catch the bus and come back home.

when the bus arrived at the bus stop i got on the bus and sat downstairs, because all the seats upstairs were taken.

is this seat taken?


i standed up to get off, but then something terrible happened.

when it hit the floor, the lid came off and then the tin rolled down the stairs and out into the street.

there are lots of weirdos out there

could you take the dog for a walk, please?


pass me the newspaper

go to the post office for me

turn the radio up


speech bubble


getting to know you

my grandparents came to see me

i tried hang-gliding when i was on holiday


did you get my postcard from spain?

what was it like ?


what is she like?

what does she like?

what does she look like?


HALF-TERM – przerwa semestralna

what did you do in the half-term holiday?

nothing special


what did you do at the weekend


when love comes knocking at your door


high school senior – relating to the fourth or last year of high school


headstrong = stubborn = persistent = pigheaded = obstinate = determined

destiny is for losers. it’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen


you never stop loving someone. you either were never in love with them or you still are

being afraid of happiness is complete nonsense



and why is that? ;d

i’ll never have that piece of make up on again, ever


unless your name is hermione, stop acting like you fucking know everything

why is it if something happens it’s always you three ?


believe me, i’ve been asking myself the same question for 6 years

never regret something that once made you smile


i really think people should just chill the fuck out

we should let ’em

By indolentlady

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