DECENCY! i am perfect the way i am

sth does sb.. (cos komus wystarcza) you don’t have to do anything, it does me

it’s fine with me

DOE – łania, królica, zajęczyca

we checked in at the Blue Ocean hotel

i’d like to check in

do we have enough time for check- in?

prepare your documents before checking-in

don’t you have the decency

you don’t have a sense of time or space

you don’t have a sense of decency

the downside is

speech bubble

give sth your best shot!!!!


a jack of all trades

a jack of all trades  😉

a jack of all trades, master of none

scrunchy (gumka do włosów) 

i have an announcement

why are you down on Matt? – czemu nie znosisz imienia Matt

why are you down on Bridget – czemu nie lubisz Bridget

be down on sth

i just wanna stand out (wyrozniac sie, byc lepszy) = to be distinctive = outstanding

i am not gonna tell you again

he steered him away from this stupid idea (odwiodl go) STEER

SALINITY – zasolenie

in the Gulf Stream (Prąd Zatokowy)

hell yeah! (oo tak)

i wanna make a lot of money

a navy seal (komandos) 

a blackjack dealer 

THE MARKER ALWAYS RUN OUT when you are almost done

HOMEBOY = homie (ziomek)

how’s your resolution coming? RESOLUTION(postanowienie noworoczne)

new year’s resolutions

to lose 20 pounds before due date (the date when something important is going to happen)

i am perfect the way i am

new year’s resolutions ;d

i should have written something about that almost two months ago ;d okay, so it’s too late for doing that, i am not gonna share my new year’s resolutions with anybody ;d

break up with ALTAR BOY (ministrant)

finally get rid of all those boxes

ballot – tajne głosowanie (UK history)

back to front

inside out

when did you first get into writing (zaczac cos robic; take up sth)

altar boy (ministrant ;d )


FROM NOW ON i am free ( od tego momentu)



goose pimples (gęsia skórka)




get a grip – weź sięw garść

fisher – kuna, rybak


well – studnia

he is keeping me down ( trzymać na niskim poziomie, hamować rozwój)

dismiss – zwolnić z pracy

class dismissed

chap – spierzchnięcie


chop-chop = hurry up

chop-chop – szybko, pospiesz sie

i can’t hear a thing.. : (

what’s the point breaking my neck and not getting an A?


PhD – doctor of philosophy (tytul doktora)

stretch – rozciągnąć, wyciągnąć

she tends to stretch the truth


those freaky people !

pizza stain


this is the worst thing that ever happened to me


i don’t feel like myself today

FUNGUS (grzyb) = FUNGI


scab – strup

bruise – siniak

she seems to be comfortable with herself

she has no idea who she is dealing with


gross – obrzydliwy, sprosny

alcohol & drugs were his undoing (zguba) 


that will be undoing

DETENTION (koza, dla niegrzecznych dzieci)

detention – pozbawienie wolnosci

foe = enemy

you owe me an apology


banana peel

not so fast :] (NIE TAK SZYBKO)





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