which of the two watches do you like best?

the black one? no, the other one.

i am not an expert on cars

i don’t know much about cars

i am not an expert on fashion, and what about you?

i am not an expert on information technology

he’ s on the phone

what would you like for breakfast?

he is standing at my door now

i am on my way, okay?

he has been my friend for many years

i’m tired. i’ve been running

when i met susan, she was sitting on a bench in the park

telephone was invented by Graham Bell

penicillin was invented by Alexander Fleming

a camera film was developed

we should put up traffic lights here so we can avoid a plenty of car accidents (car crashes)

if i can make a choice

you made my day


hold the door, please

i closed the door not to be cold

she was sorry for being late

he used to live next door to us

LOIRE – loara

the Loire – loara

the Loire is a french river

the shop assistant i spoke to seemed to be very nice

jigsaw = puzzle

oversized bag

get dressed

play truant = play hooky

high-heeled = stilettos


LSAT = LAW SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION TEST – test kwalifikacyjny (dziedzina prawa)

i bent my back

i am picking out my wedding dress

bridal wear



the cottage is located in a picturesque village

DRAPE = curtain – kotara

fluffy material

quaint = old fashioned

quaint – one of the meaning can be : charming, stunning, alluring

i have never met a more alluring man

starling – szpak

woodpecker – dzięcioł

obrus – tablecloth

deposit – kaucja

she pulled down the blinds to cover the window

there was something wrong with the central heating, as the radiator was completely cold

on the floor

there is a small, soft rug on the floor

there were several plants on the windowsill at the bottom of the window

we have a chest of drawers in the bedroom where we keep clothes & bed linen (bedclothes)

mirror reflects light

reflect = mirror

screw = bolt

their house is on the other side of the street




do you have any plans for the weekend ?

what are your plans for the weekend

what would you like for breakfast

could you explain the meaning of the passage once more?(once again)

i would like to obtain my degree

i would like to succeed

i would like to achieve my goal

suitable = appropriate

i am tired of being late for work

the seven deadly sins


learn languages/ maths/ chemistry/biology

mark went abroad to burnish his abilities in english

he did it without our knowledge

i would like to obtain FCE & CPE someday

he used to give us plenty of homework

UNSURPRISINGLY – jak mozna bylo sie spodziewac

studying down under ( nowa zelandia, australia)

nowa zelandia – wellington

if only i could make a choice

at the turn of seventeen century

in the spring of 2011

i take delight in learning english



international swimsuit pageant

bikini contest

miss bikini contest (pageant )

magnificent rewards (prizes, awards)

to whomover it may concern

i don’t know, can i have a word with you?

sorry, i did not catch what you said, could you repeat, please?


ski slope

side salad 🙂

scrambled eggs

hard-boiled eggs

soft-boiled eggs

fried eggs

i would never forget you

it’s not my cup of tea

i don’t like pork chop, what about you?

the picture shows a circle of friends

gherkins = pickles

i will put the kettle on

i think the kettle has switched off. i’ll make a tea



CONVENIENCE FOOD (danie mrozone)

i have had convenience food for supper


to be honest ? i have a sweet tooth and this is why all the pralines had disappeared

can i take your order?

i will go to a concert hall, someday

i will  go to a museum

i will go to a party

SNIFFING – weszenie, wachanie (pies)

sniff- wciagac(narkotyki)

sniff – pociagac nosem

pull the string and the door will open

immediately = at once

what are your back-ups

FUNNY BONE – czule miejsce w lokciu

i’ve hit myself in funny bone


patella = kneecap

mandible = jawbone

vertebral column = backbone = spine = spinal column

clavicle = collarbone

vertebra (singular) = vertebrae (plural)

freshwater – slodkowodny

saltwater – slonowodny



slavonic languages

cross-legged – siedzieć po turecku

Leonardo da Vinci painted Mona Lisa

ALbert Einstein – theory of relativity

play truant = play hooky


lay the table; set the table

kidult – a grown-up person who is immature (zdziecinnialy)

i am a prodigy

no place like home

there’s no place like home







mind the trap

i don’t think it will rain

endangered species

fruit picker, why not? ;d

UNDERLINE = UNDERSCORE – linia pod tekstem

@ – at

dot / full stop

written in capital letters

not applicable (n/a) – nie dotyczy

date of birth


I certify that the above information is correct

isn’t it love at first sight?

speak up!


killjoy=wet blanket

h&k = xoxo


what does CUS stand for?


lmso = laughing my socks off

lmao – laughing my ass off

myob – mind your own business

nimby – not in my back yard

b3 – blah blah blah

CEREBRAL PALSY – porazenie mozgowe


rotfl – rolling on the floor laughing

lol – laughing out loud

jas – just a second

kit – keep in touch

OAO – OVER AND OUT (bez odbioru)

L8R – later


did u c?

TTYL – talk to you later

u must b joking

phone me @ 9 p.m

tell me all the goss!

liz has split up w jim

IMO – in my opinion

AYE – tak, glosowanie

health matters

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