all the rage

all the rage? what does it mean? it means to be very fashionable


fake leopard print, fasionable in the seventies, is all the rage again now

it reminds me that’s not so bad

do you like this scarf? it’s all the rage

living walls are all the rage these days

pencil skirts are all the rage


i can’t imagine not having a garment that is not all the rage

all my clothes are all the rage

that department store hasn’t got all the rage clothes, believe me!


in offices many staff dress down on fridays

she wass dressed down when i saw her

i don’t like to be dressed down i’d prefer to wear more formal clothes

isn’t she dressed down?

she does not draw attention to her appearance so that is very likely to happen she will be dressed down


we are about to invite her for this dinner but i feel an anxiety that she will be dressed down

dress down = reprimand, scold


parents play a big role in building our identity, what else can i say?

dunno = don’t know


i don’t mind spending every day in the pouring rain

pouring rain assists me all the time

i was kissing with him in the pouring rain

he poured himself a glass of water


POURING RAIN?! how can i be against that?!

such weather is my favourite !

pouring rain, i love it!





By indolentlady

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