this much i can say

i know i’ll need him until the stars all burn away

i feel safe with you alongside.

we were walking alongisde that road

walk the walk – just talking is not enough, you have to act


i got to Paris

along the street came a policeman

not only did he do it but he also refused to confirm it was he

never have i laughed more sincerely


i gotta get the bus, know it?

starry = sparkling

starry – gwiezdzisty

moonlit building

nothing can bring me down


what if lightning strikes me?


lung metastases

metastatis all over lungs


never has she been so humiliated (mortified)


hardly, barely, scarcely + WHEN
past perfect

no sooner +THAN

sequence of tenses


hardly had he arrived at the office, when the telephone rang

scarcely had i opened the door, when i was hit  in the head


no sooner had i gone for a walk than i realized i forgot to close the door

no sooner did i go for a walk than it started raining

am i starry-eyed? (naive, gullible,  have one’s head in the clouds )


only after (dopiero po) sending the letter did i remember i had forgotten to put on an address

only John knew the answer


bonfire = camp fire

only by burning a camp fire did she manage to survive


this division is difficult to manage


pod żadnym pozorem nie wolno ci strzelać bez pozwolenia – under no circumstances are you to start shooting without permission

dopiero kiedy dotarłem do domu, zauważyłem, że zapomniałem zabrać kluczy z biura – not until i got home did i realize that i forgot to take the keys from the office

nie tylko go zrobiłem, ale to był także mój pomysł – not only did i make it but it was also my idea


little did the goverment think about the miners’ lives

nie zdawała sobie sprawy z tego co czekało na nią w domu :

little did she know what awaited her at home


so impressive was his performance that he was given standing ovation

so devastating was the fire that plants may never recover


such was the power of his blow that his opponent fell to the ground

put effort into it

such is the amount of rain that all my crops will rot – tak duża


if you should find anything suspcious, let me know

should you find anything suspcious, let me know


if i had known it, i would behave differently

had i known it, i would behave differently



they were very poor, as were most people of these times


uważam, podobnie jak moi koledzy, że ta kwestia może zostać rozwiązana –

i believe, as do my colleagues, that this issue can be ressolved



i am going to bed; – so am i

i don’t like her – neither(nor) do i



how beautifully did she look!

what a wonderful place is Stratford!


here comes richard!

there goes our bus ! ( okolicznik miejsca – first)


here he comes (zaimek)

OFF WE GO ! – no to idziemy










By indolentlady

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