i have never met a more alluring man

go through your closet, there must be something extraordinary (rare)

i can’t wait!

i can hardly wait for that event started

the dog pricked up its ears at the strange noise

i am going to the mountains

i am going to the seaside

in the mountains

energy cross-training ( trening uniwersalny)

the real purpose of yoga

cross training sometimes refers to cross-training an employee.


the local authorities aim to amplify society’s anxiety

you don’t have to testify against yourself. it’s optional

although it was optional, everybody wore their formal clothes


you may benefit from (take advantage; derive from) lifting weights

we’ll be there within 5 minutes, okay?


groundwork – podstawa, baza

sun lotion = suntan lotion

yeah, keep going..


i appreciate your concern but i assure you that factor 30 will be quite enough to protect tim from sunburn

an empty bench at the seaside

wellingtons = wellies = rubber boots

By indolentlady

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