just somebody that i used to know

red deer – jeleń szlachetny

as crafty as a fox

crafty = cunning


complete these idioms :

1) as stubborn as a donkey

2) as wise as an owl

3) as crafty as a fox

4) as strong as an ox

5) as slippery as an eel

6) as proud as peacock


superlatives :

1) the most poisonous creature – box jellyfish (meduza)

2) the longest snake – python

3) the fastest land animal – cheetah

4) the slowest mammal – sloth (leniwiec)

5) the longest living animal – giant tortoise

6) the nearest animal to humans in terms of DNA – chimpanzee

7) the biggest breed of dog -OLD ENGLISH MASTIFF

8) the biggest killer of humans – cobra

9) the biggest animal in Britain – ox


it’s not as big as a cow but it gives us milk – GOAT

our son has just got engaged to a really nice girl. we are over the moon


i’ve just passed my driving test. i can’t believe it. i’m so pleased. i feel as if i’m walking on air

i’m just ringing to thank you for my present. it’s exactly what i wanted. i’m thrilled to bits (podekscytowany do granic mozliwosci) with it


she looks as if she is without a care in the world (byc wolnym od wszelkich trosk)

she seems so relaxed and happy these days(THESE DAYS- teraz, obecnie)


Tom is going round like a dog with two tails (visibly happy, merry & proud )

we were celebrating our exams results and we were in very high spirits.

he is on cloud nine at the moment



Punch is cruel & frightens little children.

upgrade – podnosić status, awansować

dent – wgniecienie w karoserii (karoseria =body, bodywork, coachwork)

i always try to keep calm, but when the steward spilt (rozlać) the drinks over me i blew off my top


those people were spitting blood

lose my temper = lose my cool


when i saw her acting i flew off the handle

you’d better not touch him, he is on the warpath today

THE LAST STRAW – kropla przepełniająca czarę goryczy

don’t talk about hospitals. it’s like the last straw. he just blows his top


everybody is up in arms – być oburzonym

why do people get so hot under the collar (wsciec sie, dostac piany )

something that will inevitably make somebody cross or angry


leave these things lying about (leżące wokół)

we are sick as a parrot (disappointed )

disilussioned = disenchanted


at your wits’ end – FRUSTATED !

give someone a piece of your mind


in the first place, you have to boil the water

tether – łańcuch, pęto









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