at the end of my tether

when you speak to the Queen, you should call her : Majesty

teddy bear


look at somebody = look at me

look on him – przyglądać się

he is waiting for her in the park


Great Britain :

useful information :

car code : GB

telephone code : +44



car code : USA

telephone code : 1


you will be dressed in rags again

mind your business, okay? 🙂


road sign – znak drogowy

The Chronicles of Narnia – C.S. Lewis

Barack Obama – is the president of United States since 2009

NYC – The Big Apple


side salad – sałatka podawana do dania głównego

this salad is served to the main course


a radiator keeps the room warm

the story goes like that..

settee = sofa, couch


lounge = living room

the wishing fish!

she is a friend of theirs


they drive on the left side of the road

do you think they will put us up for the night ?

marine – amerykanski zolnierz marynarki wojennej

marine2 – morski


Shrove Tuesday = Pancake Day – Ostatni wtorek przed Środą Popielcową

Popielec – Środa Popielcowa (22 lutego) – pierwszy dzień Wielkiego Postu (Lent)

Pamiętaj, że prochem jesteś i w proch się obrócisz. Nawracajcie się


46 dni kalendarzowych (40 dni, nie wliczając niedziel) przed Wielkanocą (Easter)

Shrove Tuesday is the day precedingAsh Wednesday.


pebble – kamyk

SPIT IT OUT! wykrztuś to z siebie

vending machine


cash machine = cash dispenser

PUCKER – marszczyć

pucker = wrinkle


window envelope – koperta z okienkiem

see-through – przezroczysty, przeswitujacy





wrangle = quarrel

drive at sth – be about to tell


Gibraltar is situated in the south of Spain

The Welsh name for Wales is Cymru


dog collar – obroża dla psa

it shows disbelief (niedowierzanie)

mock authors – wymyślony, sztuczny


Concorde – the fastest passenger aircraft constructed by the British and by the French

roll out – rozwalkowac




oh i see that the penny has dropped – i see that someone understand some things, at last

Booker Prize – British Literary Award


NIL – zero

palm sth off (wcisnac produkt niskiej jakosci)

pass the test with honours ( z wyróżnieniem)

FUDGE – masa karmelowa


make us feel at home

Don’t change a thread until April is dead – nie zmieniaj ciuchów na lżejsze


Imperial – the British system of weights & measures

lo-cal – niskokaloryczny

full-fat – pelnotlusty

Anita Roddick – The Body Shop


if the summertime stretches into September it is known as Indian Summer

cane – laska






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