look through = scour

go ahead

from rags to riches – a person who is not wealthy enough to live properly becomes loaded.

I might have never got to university, but for you (gdyby nie ty)


i hate parting on the left

goody! = yummy!

she gets tipsy after a glass of sweet wine


PRISSY – a wet blanket, killjoy

BULLY – oprych, zabijaka, tyran

i will keep it in my mind

stabbed to death


I can’t get through – to connect with a person by phone

launch a campaign – to start a campaign

it is not your cup of tea – i don’t fancy doing that, i am not fond of doing that


vacuous pump – pompy próżniowe

avail = benefit

COMBUSTION – spalanie

your shoes are so muddy

chamber – komoda


mercury – rtęć  (pierwiastek)

greying man – siwiejacy mezczyzna

office supplies – materialy biurowe


MISCARRIAGE – poronienie

SCRUTINY – nadzor, szczegolowe badanie


power failure – przerwa w dostepie pradu


tamper – manipulowac, falszowac

faithfulness = fidelity

INSECTICIDE – srodek owadobojczy

stationery – materialy pismienne, papeteria


polish, czech & slovak are slavonic languages

recommendation – zalecenie




By indolentlady

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