acne free!

common gender?

nope. deer & hind(łania)

how to become acne free?


hooded sweaters – swetry z kapturem

hoodie, hoody  – bluza z kapturem


round neck

fair isle – is a knitting technique used to create patterns of multiple colours



TUXEDO – smoking

tapered skirt – zwężana spódnica


SELFRIDGES – is the second biggest department store in the UK.

marks & spencer


i am in charge of walking my dogs – i am responsible for doing that

i have someone in mind

i’d rather be a happy dustman than an unhappy millionaire


legacy = inheritance = heritage

Elizabeth II is the queen of Commonwealth & New Zealand, Australia, Canada


Never do I go to school by taxi

Nor do I; Neither do I


wow – impressed

yuk – disgusted

phew – relieved

wow – impressed

oh – grateful

shh – annoyed


The Posh family used to live from hand to mouth – they lived a life as if they were very poor

he died of loneliness







By indolentlady

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