look through = scour

go ahead

from rags to riches – a person who is not wealthy enough to live properly becomes loaded.

I might have never got to university, but for you (gdyby nie ty)


i hate parting on the left

goody! = yummy!

she gets tipsy after a glass of sweet wine


PRISSY – a wet blanket, killjoy

BULLY – oprych, zabijaka, tyran

i will keep it in my mind

stabbed to death


I can’t get through – to connect with a person by phone

launch a campaign – to start a campaign

it is not your cup of tea – i don’t fancy doing that, i am not fond of doing that


vacuous pump – pompy próżniowe

avail = benefit

COMBUSTION – spalanie

your shoes are so muddy

chamber – komoda


mercury – rtęć  (pierwiastek)

greying man – siwiejacy mezczyzna

office supplies – materialy biurowe


MISCARRIAGE – poronienie

SCRUTINY – nadzor, szczegolowe badanie


power failure – przerwa w dostepie pradu


tamper – manipulowac, falszowac

faithfulness = fidelity

INSECTICIDE – srodek owadobojczy

stationery – materialy pismienne, papeteria


polish, czech & slovak are slavonic languages

recommendation – zalecenie




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acne free!

common gender?

nope. deer & hind(łania)

how to become acne free?


hooded sweaters – swetry z kapturem

hoodie, hoody  – bluza z kapturem


round neck

fair isle – is a knitting technique used to create patterns of multiple colours



TUXEDO – smoking

tapered skirt – zwężana spódnica


SELFRIDGES – is the second biggest department store in the UK.

marks & spencer


i am in charge of walking my dogs – i am responsible for doing that

i have someone in mind

i’d rather be a happy dustman than an unhappy millionaire


legacy = inheritance = heritage

Elizabeth II is the queen of Commonwealth & New Zealand, Australia, Canada


Never do I go to school by taxi

Nor do I; Neither do I


wow – impressed

yuk – disgusted

phew – relieved

wow – impressed

oh – grateful

shh – annoyed


The Posh family used to live from hand to mouth – they lived a life as if they were very poor

he died of loneliness







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douche bag?

i won’t have you telling me lies all the time (i won’t let you)

wedge heels (buty na koturnie)

long face – sad face

when she was told that she couldn’t have the toy, she put a long face


slingback (damskie buty na pasku)

what should i anticipate (expect)?

flats :



loafers (mokasyny)


BROGUE – akcent (szkocki, irlandzki) ; półbut męski, szkot

wellingtons = wellies

flip-flops; sandals




hi tops

hi tops – buty za kostkę 🙂

pointed pumps (zaostrzone czółenko, spiczaste)


quilted coat

quilted coat – ocieplany, pikowany


trim=crop – przycięcie, przystrzyżenie

USA – at Macy’s(New York, NYC)

UK – at Harrods (England, London)


gilet = waistcoat = vest


3-quarter sleeved



*pencil skirt – tight, long & straight

skinny jeans – rurki

bootcut = bootleg jeans

flared jeans

jeggings – very skinny jeans; a pair of women’s trousers that is a combination of jeans and leggings


straight leg

wide leg


briars – ciernie, dzikie kolce


briefs =panties = knickers

G-string = thong

g-string = thong


corset = stays

SUSPENDER BELT – pas do pończoch


chemise – halka


she was wearing a pink NIGHTDRESS (koszula nocna)

robe = bathrobe – płaszcz kąpielowy

trilby hat – kapelusz filcowy

canvas tote bag – przenośna torba płócienna


maternity – macierzyństwo; paternity tests



luxurious department store, Harrods, London, UK







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