gosh i have enough of german!

this language is not difficult at all but i don’t feel like studying for german exams any more !

hande hoch!


loosing weight makes you look good in clothes

exercise makes you look good naked


at times i’m fed up with everything, literally!

but i have to say that, i’m proud of myself because i’m making progress as far as my attitude towards life goes.

i know that i will succeed and everything will be all right, soon!

i won’t burst out crying or laughing. it will be something between those of two.


she added some peaches to the salad! (what?!:D )

it’s such a shame our friendship had to end

my adorable Blair!


If it is right, it happens – The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away

in the morning, when my face is a little puffy, i’ll put on an ice pack while doing my stomach crunches, i can do a thousand now.


By indolentlady

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