things got out of hand

i am tearing my hair out

bundle of nerves.. all the time

why those things got out of hand?


the police have the situation in hand

they walked by, holding hands


i want to walk a mile

they walked by, holding hands


who would like to play a hand of poker?

the waiter smiled and handed me my bill

we should hand in our essays by Friday.


In December1981, the Communist government declared martial law in Poland.

Martial law in Poland was lifted in 1983.


what do you think you are doing here (why are you there) – stern, threatening

it was just like a bolt from the blue

in three minutes i’m outta here. leaving this minute


it may take over an hour

i can tie that shawl around your neck

we have been waiting for over two months

he paid for it over three hundred dollars

the lamp is hanging over the table



i am overworked 😦

and he overate





ogólna teoria względności – teoria grawitacji (Albert Einstein)


i don’t believe in afterlife

there was a special attachment between the two.

when we inhale our rib cage lifts up

she’s too thin. her rib cage bones stick out

my mother walked out on my father when i was three

By indolentlady

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