the love that keeps us sane

the dean refused his formal consent. (consent = reconciliation)

conciliation steps

i’d really appreciate that

i appreciate your concern, but i’m ok


sane = insane (the opposition)

you don’t need to bring this book back to me; it’s for keeps

you put your sweater on inside out


unflattering sweater

you do not need more unflaterring pullovers (as it does not open at the front, unlike a cardigan.)


jersey = pullover = sweater = jumper

you have your jumper on inside out

you put your sweater back to front


are you agile enough to do that?

i am teetotaller!


i detected a strain of bitterness in her voice(nutka rozgorczenia)

mend = revive (get back to health)

never too late to mend

i decided to go home, as it was getting late


so, are you agile enough?!

sorry, i’ve been on the run all day and i’m exhausted

the murder has been on the run for three weeks

old london(crooked, narrow streets)

tuesday is a bit inconvenient for me. what about friday?

he came at a very inconvenient moment


bothersome = inconvenient problem

how to encourage affection

By indolentlady

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