never-never land

backlog = shortcomings

pushover – one that is easily defeated and taken advantage of


to be honest you are totally at fault

I, for one, am not interested in that kinds of partying

you may be pretty but your personality isn’t


haha! 🙂


getting butterflies every time when you smell his cologne

when someone smiles at me i smile back, even if i don’t know who the person is



gurl let me see dat ass! 🙂

you are a weirdo, you know that?


that moment when you get a smile tex & you sit there smiling at the screen like a weirdo

i can never be happy with the way i look at all

i’m self-conscious and it’s probably the number one thing that i want to change about me

i want to go there for one thing


someday soon things are going to start working out

you have the ambition, the strength, the passion to achieve your ambitions, goals and your dreams. all you need to do now , is try


the smartest thing that woman can ever learn, it to never need a man

the longer you are a single the more you start to think that something’s wrong with you


.. like nothing happened

that beautiful body of yours




everything hits you hardest at night



5 simple rules for happiness :


* free your heart from hatred (hate)

*free your mind from worries

*live simply

*give more

*expect less


I can’t rely solely on him

focus solely on the good people


life it too short to be anything but happy

coffin – trumna

rot = decay

fuck it all man


i may not text or call you anymore like i used to.

scrolling through my phone

wondering whether or not I should text you


my hands are off-duty

i think it’s nearly miracle to like each other at the same time 🙂

embrace = take advantage of


we should embrace what we have been given and not always want something more;

because there’s always going to be someone who has better this and better that,

and there is always going to be someone who is less fortunate as well

to be happy with what we have been given is the most important thing, to just be grateful.


ah yes, the past can hurt. but the way i see it, is that you can either run from it or, learn from it.


By indolentlady

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