beauty & grooming

he lost control of his car and went into a ditch..

the front part of the vehicle hung over the ditch

you can hang your coat on the hook  beside the door


crop tops

crop top! – the most fashionable garment of an upcoming spring ! 🙂

nice combination, isn’t it?

i’m spellbound by her beauty, either 🙂

sure thing, i should have gave him a piece of my mind long, long time ago.


i have enough of such behaviour


how to get soft silky hair?

a dark-skinned woman with silk black hair and dark eyes.. wonderful

she is a slender, small-breasted girl. the girl is wearing a bandeau dress. the top of this dress, i mean corset, is white and the bottom of an outfit is salmon pink.

this gorgeous woman is wearing a stunning grey hat, as well.


by the way, what is your favie handbag?

grooming = appearance

she is wearing a bandeau dress with a black bow-shaped sash.


all my secrets came out

those words came out my mouth

the words right out of my mouth

there was a notebook in her handbag


it came out that i’m not as stupid as they used to think.

narrow-minded people. why am i not surprise in that case?

as far as John goes, i don’t like him at all


i am going to hand in my index

here you are (here you go)

i think we definitely need to make some changes

something is considered


considering that mitigating circumstances we can reconsider that case once again.

those people where acclaiming our rising stars 😉

some people state that male company

watch your mouth,please! this information is secret


attorney = lawyer

as the time goes by

both hands are pointing to twelve

both hands are pointing to three


redundant (worthless, useless)

katy perry got famous for her hit single ‘i kissed a girl’

she was nominated for ‘best female video’


she has in recent years chose to run sol.. entrepreneur

they really seemed to enjoy each others company


but.. days turned into months

months turned into years

slowly but surely, what would you say?

i was by no means conviced by his arguments

by no means is a car a good investment. It will depreciate (tracic na wartosci)


depreciate = appreciate (the opposition)

they should be there by now, surely

By indolentlady

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