all alone

another day has gone


I feel over while dancing

I have to set my hair

he lost his balance and fell over


he fell off the ladder and broke his leg

I fell over while cleaning the room

I fell off the stool while changing the lightbulb

those things are on the way. yay, an upcoming news

highlights of the match will be shown after the news 😉 (tragedy!)


it’s a tragedy that a man can kill another for money

poverty – stricken:(


he has been poverty-stricken for so long

this house was passed on to me by will


there’s seemingly nothing we can do about it

her condition has deteriorated and she can pass away within a week

once in awhile, i think about it. i burst out crying yesterday

once in a while i enjoy your company


his presence shifted all my problems away from me

your presence is optional (you are not committed to be here)

i would like to run a mile


moonlit chrysler building


the bomb went off at 8 in the morning

see, the tide is going down over the sand


ravage = havoc

in the midst of the crowd


align this header to the left

she aligned the text to the left

what about font?

hallway = hall

the night falls


foam bath


he was stopped by the police and then given a sobriety test

he got arrested for drink-driving


prom drinking-driving

i felt dizzy and the whole world was spinning



abduct = kidnap

arousal = excitement


this is a big DISGRACE! (dishonour)


continuity of action

alone and so blue?

it that just make-believe?

how, indeed?


it didn’t hurt me. indeed, it helped me a little

this book is very good indeed

she told us you were a fool. ‘did she, indeed?’


By indolentlady

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