aroused = excited

don’t butt into my conversation. i am on the phone. i don’t like my conversations being butted into by perfect strangers

butt into conversation = break into conversation


why are you so impetuous? (quick-tempered ; impuslive)

oh. i hate his pigheadedness (obstinacy, stubbornness)


gullible = naive

and why he is so naive as well?! 😀

fussy = grumpy = moody

hot-blooded = passionate



possessivenness – of relating to ownership or property

level-headed = calm

happy = merry = jolly = content = glee = over the moon = in very high spirits

two-faced = hypocritical = bogus = deceitful = devious


dedicated = devoted

grasping = materialistic


captivated = enchanted

He was spellbound by her beauty

I felt offended (resentful) by your opinion

involved = interested


despise = detest = loathe

I distrust him for no reason

cuddle = hug = grasp = embrace = clutch

I lost my temper (I blew my top)


vicious = wicked

I burst out crying

I burst out laughing


moments that bring a lump to your throat and  a tear to your eye


protection against search and seizure

bonnet – czapeczka

bonnet – a piece of material that is made to cover baby’s head; tied under its chin

kilted = pleated


vest = waistcoat



pin = brooch



mac; rainproof coat

tuxedo ; dinner jacket


she was wearing a red dress with a black sash

she is wearing a white dress with a black sash (bare shoulders)



padded bra (usztywniony)

padded sofa


band – opaska, przepaska,





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