used interchangeable?

apart from beautiful (except for his beauty)

cigarette butt = cigarette stub


pocket money = allowance

She found the remote control under the couch

Count me out

I don’t know he’s been a bit strange ever since (od tamtej pory) your party

I’ll bother after all


Let’s go and rent a video

I’ve changed my mind

making decisions

I made up my mind


found him strangled

I can’t back down I’ve been losing so much time

I think I’ll just stay in and watch telly

stay in = stay out (opposition)


Let’s get Sliding Doors

That guy hasn’t taken Face Off

statement ; question

I have rent some videos for this evening


take my books back to the library

I gotta take my books back to the library

ask Kelly if she wants to sleep over next Saturday

revise for English test


keep doing that.. 🙂

study for an exam

do the washing up

do the dusting

make the bed


clean my teeth

brush my hair

take a shower

do the washing


look back through this unit

parental guidance -your parents decide if you can watch this film

You can’t watch this film until you are 18

Only adult over 18 can watch this film


Great Barrier Reef – Wielka Rafa Koralowa(Australia-the capital city : Melbourne)


bookshop owner

His life is turned upside down when he meets American movie star, Anna Scott.





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