swap = exchange

określenie perjoratywne (mające negatywny wydźwięk)

let’s do a swap – zamienmy sie

present continuous


she was bewildered but unhamed

i spent holiday on an island

he is very proud to have  some Irish blood in him


murmur = whisper

He hates the music I listen to and he hates my friends, either

we’re getting quite popular these days

he’s playing the drums now


custom = habit

expressing interest

time expressions : these days (present continuous)

plot = lot (dzialka)

plot = lot


England – London

Wales – Cardiff

Scotland – Edinburgh

Northern Ireland – Belfast


diversity = variety

fragile = frail

I would like my child to be bilingual


clever = bright = intelligent = bright = reasonable = sensible = wise

lonesome = lonely

I often go home at lunchtime

Jack is often late for work

agile – zwinny


incautious = careless

that sounds brilliant

my mum’s vegeterian. is she?

do you belong to drama society?


cello – wiolonczela

violin – skrzypce

she also plays the violin in the orchestra

what are your intentions towards me?

delayed= overdue

overdue bills


we apologize for the delay

the secret came out = the secret was revealed


packing a tent into the back of their car

on saturday evening i’m meeting my friend

we are not sure yet – it depends on the weather


lucky you! 🙂

combining all those things


handicapped = disabled

a cripple – very impolite


a long, difficult journey on foot – trek

something that tests your skills & abilities

charity – an organisation that helps people who are sick or poor


raise money – to collect money that you can use to help people

don’t beat around the bush, please ! tell it like it is!


sleep in a tent


backpacking – podrozowac z plecakiem


I am a go-getter. It seems that my situation is so hopeless and there is no hope to improve my position!

nothing further from the truth! 🙂


what time does the train leave?

reading is one of my favourite pastimes

it’s a silly pastime, isn’t it?


what  is the safest means of transport?

bare foot


he is an awkward customer, rly!

ambitious = aspiring

serene = peaceful= deliberate

Thanks in advance!


thanks a million

bossy = overbearing

arrogant = rude = impolite = cheeky = impudent


brochure = booklet

refresh your knowledge

it’s very refreshing !



gloomy = sullen = sombre

sweltering = scorching = boiling = sultry

he is playing the drums at the moment

Jodie is packing for a holiday


It was a deliberate act. You did it on purpose, intentionally





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