special effects are mind-blowing

it’s a cyberspace love affair.

baddie = villain

grasshopper (konik polny )


running time – czas trwania filmuuuu

wicked = fabulous (spoken language)

wicked = evil


Who are the main characters?

‘the Big Apple’ is a nickname for New York City

The centre of New York is the island of Manhattan

the first Europeans to arrive was Netherlands

a Dutchman called it ‘New Amsterdam’

then the British took it and called ‘New York’  because the King’s brother was the Duke of York


the biggest shop in the world – Macy’s

Macy’s – my dreeeeeam!

‘The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France and it stands on Liberty Island

In the middle of Manhattan is Central Park

take a boat on the lake


just relax away from the noise and the traffic

By indolentlady

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