less than ten years from now?

this price came down. I’m very content with it.

do you want to play tennis?


we spent 4 hours at the airport, because our plane was late

the plane took off and flew up into the sky

he drives a car. I ride a motorbike


have a good journey!

i’ll see you there at two o’clock

I’ll have a cheeseburger, please

I want to use the computer after you


Do you fancy a snack?

Yes, please, I’ll have a cheese sandwich


what about making an interview?

he leads an interesting life

I don’t want to be rich or famous  most of all I want to be happy

she wants to get married when she is 27


I have to take my books back to the library

we arrived in a taxi

go in the bus

go on the car

I was getting ready to go out

I was sitting at the computer and playing some games


in the morning

in the afternoon

at night


on Monday

at 8 PM

in 1666

on 20 June

do you want to go to the cinema at the weekend?

a day in November


bouncer = bodyguard

I was studying for a test all weekend

do you want to borrow this magazine?

a paper aeroplane

that goes with the same verb

when she looked out of the window


I stood up and knocked on the window

I was sitting in an armchair

dressing table


By indolentlady

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