travel agency (travel agent’s)

I travel in a first-class compartment

open the battery compartment of the remote control

put two batteries into the remote control

close the battery compartment


stay in the playground at break time

stand up when a teacher comes into the classroom

arrive to school by quarter to nine

run in the corridors

hard hat = protection helmet


if you want to learn a language well, you must use it as much as possible 😉

shampoo bottle

to get what you want

I still think about it


jumble sale = rummage sale

jumble sale (wyprzedaz rzeczy uzywanych )

bric a brac – bibeloty

raffle – loteria (brac udzial w loterii z nagrodami rzeczowymi)

jumble(rzeczy uzywane)

tombola – loteria fantowa


you shouldn’t keep problems for yourself

why don’t you give him a ring,huh?

she should be back in about an hour


the dean’s office

you should put something warm on

IVORY – kość słoniowa


I have to get up for school

I don’t have to be home by 9;30


I’m a nervous wreck

bundle of nerves

get excited


he wanted to try out his camera

Do you want to be in the photos?

Do you want to be my muse?


He snapped the girls in the front of the sports shop (zrobic zdjecie)

The phone was dead


Henry hid behind the armchair (hide)

the tide is coming along

He crept into the kitchen and then he ran out of the back door


look round sth – orientowac sie w czyms


he did it on a tightrope (lina do akrobacji)

on stilts (na szczudlach)

the comma goes after thousand


heart-shaped tights!! 😀



stub, twist, sprain one’s ankle

spend most time on your weak points



By indolentlady

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