go for it, gooo! it’s worth it

The Cinderella Story is on this week 😀

Quick! in here!

guess what! I’ll make it, rly

I lead an exciting life ;d


asking the way

They are asking for directions.

go along here, hunny ;d


I wish you would not call me like that. 🙂

go past the supermarket and take the first turning on the left

How do I get to the nearest police office, please?

stop lights = traffic lights


definite & indefinite articles

when me mention something for the first time

then go along that road till you come to a roundabout


go round the roundabout

ordinal numbers

cardinal numbers

definite article(‘the’) when we have only one possibility


over the bridge

The Great Fire of London – It took place in the evening of 2 September 1666

bakery in Pudding Lane

his assistant looked after the loaves of bread that was in the oven

The assistant, however, fell asleep

caught fire easily (rozpalic ogien)


CART – furmanka

post chaise – dylizans



All the buildings were made of bricks or stone

Saint Paul’s Cathedral

Monument to the Great Fire of London

a fire broke out in the Pudding Lane in 1666

Monument is 61.5 metres high – this is exactly the distance between monument and the place where the fire broke out.


wide – narrow

straight – crooked

clean – dirty

new – old

cold – hot

wet – dry

same – different

weak – strong

safe – dangerous

ugly – beautiful


Sir Christopher Wren was a founder of Monument to the Great Fire of London

highlighted words

I’m a lucky devil 🙂


dressing = sauce = dip





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