come first..

light = pendant



the ceiling

the floor


bedroom floor = tiles 🙂

sightseeing tour(wycieczka ze zwiedzaniem)

she went on a sighteeing tour

I live at number 69 Baker Street

eve = evening

go over the bridge

go past the bus stop

go along this street till you come to some traffic lights


London (3 cities) – the City of London, the City of Westminster, the City of Southwark.

The City of Southwark – the poorest part of London

London’t biggest station : Waterloo


Waterloo Station


The West End – Oxford Street

make a mistake

steal a wallet

miss a bus

a whodunnit

canteen = cafeteria


I get up at quarter to eight on schooldays

I came first in the test. It was very surprising


This boy has fallen over in the playground

The guy has fallen over in the training ground..


fall of the wagon.. wrócić do spożywania alkoholu

The car has fallen off hilltop


sleep in a tent

water polo

it’s like volleyball in the pool


climb a mountain

have you ever climbed a mountain?

fly in a helicopter

walk on a tightrope

I have never sailed on a lake

I have never driven a racing car


She is climbing up the ladder

close your eyes

wherever you will go..




By indolentlady

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