balmy = soothing




strict = severe =  stern


Snape was a very stern person. He was a demanding man.

absent-minded = forgetful

make some predictions about future

he does not belive in memorizing


hidden  = concealed


he was a dropout(outsider)

creativity = resourcefulness

mark = grade


have you ever played truant ?

she used to cook a delicious Sunday dinner – a roast beef,potatoes  and very tasteful salad

beef needs to be cooked longer in order to soften

going to ballet lessons


this girl is keeping a diary

she started keeping the diary at the age of 12

Lizzy started wearing lipstick.!

The girl started wearing some fashionable clothes



is he a teetotaller? I don’t really think so 😛

she used to arrive late for class


a house-warming party

we would like to celebrate this event in a circle of friends?

a house-warming party


a reunion party. meeting after years when old friends are getting together and recalling some nice events from the past.

turn sb off

dancing encourages affection


play truant = play hooky!

how did you feel when you got your pocket money (allowance)


out of order = damaged

catchy melody (wpadajaca w ucho)

night was falling and the moon was shining


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