refinement of manners

discourse = speech

disregarded problem


vague = blurry (niejasny)

inclination = tendency


stone dead – martwy jak kamien

encourage trade, encourage affection

she was in pursuit of her beloved

she would perish (pass away, die) with the shame of having such a mother


No, nor the last I dare say

I am overruled (uphold. opposition)

the opposition (in the parliament)


heartily give my consent (z ochota, serdecznie)

hugging him

chuckle = giggle

I’m cross about that, but who cares? :D:D  many of you!

endearment (tender word; tenderly, with affection


endearment = sweet nothings

incandescently – plomienne (uczucie)

he kisses her on her mouth

she did a great deal to it

bestow – obdarowac


a few brief moments of silence

rush out – rozchodzic sie blyskawicznie

these past months have been a torment (anguish)

single object to see you (object = aim)

i am willing to put aside..


Fruit consist chiefly of water (glownie)

what on earth have you done to him?

I was entirely wrong about him

your manners to be rehearse


Don’t trifle with my feelings

don’t trifle with my feelings

do not trifle with my feelings!


trifle with feelings

he was triffling with his phone the whole time

you have known it the whole time..


I’ve scarcely come here (ledwo, dopiero co)

It’s scarcely the time to argue ( to na pewno nie jest czas na klotnie)

You’ve scarcely changed (prawie sie nie zmieniles)

You’ve hardly changed


bewitch = enchant = charm


I love you to this day..

what else will occupy your thoughts?

I’ve been so blind


at leisure (slow, withouth rashness)

I am well acquainted with you to know that I can’t alarm you

I have sworn to loathe him for all enternity

And I will never see you again if you do


from this day henceforth it seems that you must be a stranger to one of your parents.

ohhh, poor thing, nobody feels affection for him

starts laughing helplessly (bezsilnie, bezradnie)


We’ve been nonsensical (absurd, niedorzeczny)

gently = softly



I’m very fond of walking

Julia is such an unfortunate person


perjured – winny krzywoprzysiectwa


I can’t help posting that 😀 



By indolentlady

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