I believe so, man..

I gotta set my hair!

gosh, there’s such a mess

hush! don’t say like that, I fancy her so much

I don’t see many prospects..

let’s make some predictions about my lifetime 🙂

don’t you think that you went over the top? watch your tongue!

I can suppose that’s a family trait :] am I right?



Why did you do that? You lunatic! (crazy girl!) Why did you turn him down?

I do not fancy him, it’s not my fault.

Pauline, don’t you dare.. don’t you dare judge me

Is he amiable? (polite, kind)

I don’t want you to have relations with an inappropriate man. I love you too much to let you engage in such an unprofitable relationship.

Papa, I love him, I love him!



Have you been playing the pianoforte?

Oh my goodness. Everybody behave naturally

So this is your opinion of me?

I’ve overlooked these details. I gotta apologize for that



overlook = turn a blind eye

I overlooked your merits.

Are you expecting me to rejoice?


sounds familiar?

contempt = disdain

wish to realize the dream



made me realize that you were the last man in the world that I could ever be prevailed upon marry.

they look at each other for a long time as though about to kiss

acute = stabbing = piercing pain

far deeper than hers

He felt a strong attachment to her



There was a strong attachment between the two.

I wouldn’t do your sister the dishonour, believe me..

Gregory, you are merely a child..

lack of propriety – brak dobrego wychowania, brak kultury osobistej ( brak przyzwoitości)

thunder clush



Various misfortunes have made her sad and bitter(zgorzkniała as well)

misfortune = ill luck

Your answer was agreeable

agreeable = pleasant

his reign was utterly inept



she is barely tolerable. what was that supposed to mean ?

count your blessings, madame

precisely = exactly

proboscis = trunk (gr8!)

I wouldn’t dance with him for all of Darbyshire, let alone the miserable half



Have you no consideration for my poor nerves? (wyrozumiałość)

utmost ends of the year (najodleglejsze krance ziemi)

your behaviour was exemplary (przyklady, wzorcowy)

It’s been many years since I had such an exemplary vegetable




finds four of his daughters eavesdropping

you have to make sacrifices..

yes yes yes, a thousand times yes

I can’t help thinking that at some point I would have to do that..



The girl made the curtsy to the teacher

The children curtised and ran out of the room

She looked positively(really) medieval

Did you see her hem? (rąbek ubrania, tkaniny)

He is just what a young man ought to be

as may be required (it depends on your necessity)


I am not capable of doing that

this decision is irreversible (final)

Why do you ask such a question?


I’m doing that to make out your character


exceedingly – nadzwyczaj

You have to clarify your opinion

His disclamation was clarifying


It’s no earthly use ( To nie ma najmniejszego sensu)

There is no earthly reason why I shouldn’t be as happy with him as any other

a lot to be thankful for..


I’m already a burden to my parents and I’m.. frightened

I love you most ardently ( z zapalem, zarliwie) 

tell it like it is, please

don’t beat around the bush!!!!


struggle (wysilek, zmaganie sie )

Sir, I appreciate the struggle I’ve been through..

unconsciously done


hinder = powstrzymywac

Why did you repulse me ?(reject, push)

CIVILITY (uprzejmosc, dobre maniery, zwroty grzecznosciowe)

In spite of my endeavours,I couldn’t contact her..


drive Pauline away – odstraszyć ją

You drove me away, broooooo! 😀

stout = firm

firm embrace

long for your embrace



ladylike boy :]

debonair man (smart, sophisticated, elegant)

civility = courtesy = kindness = amiability = graciousness

gallantry = courage !! hope dies last ;d




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