When I was crossing the street, I saw something in the distance. It was like a big black snake and it was getting bigger and bigger.


It was coming straight towards the town.

I ran down the street,  and I shouted : twister,people!


People grabbed everybody and ran indoors

Let’s get indoors

We went indoors and I saw him after all.

I didn’t get use to this situation

Don’t get used to eating breakfast in bed..


Billy, get in here!

The twister blew the dentist’s surgery down..




martial law in Poland – 1981-1983.

Put this plant on the windowsill


I gotta use some hair conditioner and my hair will be moisturized and smooth 😉



tea table

gosh, what are the exact dimensions of this photo?


a goblet

She raised the heavy candlestick 😉

Beside it is a candlestick

a candlestick


She is downstairs, doing the dishes..

door frame..


towel rail



a rolling pin


a spatula

socket – oczodol, zebodol



loop – pętelka



By indolentlady

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