what were you doing?

There was six o’clock in the evening and I was brushing my teeth! (?)

or maybe I was combing my long hair?

I was getting ready for bed, that’s for sure. I felt sick.

Australia (Melbourne)

Malta (Valletta)

In Sydney it was ten o’clock at night

Tom was putting on his pyjamas.

Argentina (Buenos Aires)

Michio was studying for the test.. mmm, my favourite 😉


She was drinking some beverage

They were eating crisps

He was sleeping

She was brushing her hair

She was cleaning the blackboard

He was reading some magazines

He was doing the crossword puzzle

They were playing with paper planes

They were looking out the window 😉


Time expressions, dude!

i’ll see you in the park at 7 pm

What about Sunday? Maybe we could do something interesting on Sunday, huh?

Oh, I don’t think so. I have to do some errands on Sunday morning


Do you want to come round to my place?

I have a thing about Orlando Bloom


You must be joking, kid! :]

What was that?

What about Phil, though? Wasn’t he a good DJ?

She fancies him

Do you fancy going out tonight?

Justin’s party!


Have you got a thing about Phil? hmm.. a sort of..

What kind of story is it?

What is that?

What can I do for ya?

What else can I do to sweeten up this bid?

That’s right and I’ll tell you one more thing, I long for your presence so much 😦

Those things are in my way

Who does these things belong to?





By indolentlady

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