try out

Don’t forget to get Justin a birthday present.

Look after your ticket. You lost it last time. Don’t worry, I won’t lose it this time.

It’s your turn to wash up. It’s all right. I’ll do it in a minute

I heard something interesting about Peter, but it’s a secret. Ok. I won’t tell anyone

I’m isn’t in at the moment.

Ok. I’ll phone again later

Shall we play tennis this afternoon?

Ok. I’ll see you at the park at two 🙂


There’s someone at the door. I’ll answer it

Would you like a drink? Yes. I’ll have a glass of milk

What does this word mean? I’ll look it up in the dictionary

There’s something wrong with the car. I’ll take the bus

What time does the film start? The film will start in a few hours. To be honest, I’m not sure. I’ll have a look in the newspaper.

What is it about?

By indolentlady

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