Tick one box

I gotta help him.

I gotta make some predictions about my future.


What do you most want your partner to be?

rich, intelligent, good-looking, a good friend

all of the above, all of the possibilities! 🙂 I know, such a greedy person of me! 😛

born-again = spiritually reborn

Sure, it’s very kind of you, bro!


At what age do you think you will do these things?

Learn to drive. I used to think, that it will be possible if I turn 18, but I was wrong  🙂

Start work – 20?

Get married? probably never

Have children – as mentioned above :]


Do you think you will ever do any of these things?

Write a book – I don’t think so

Appear on TV – ? laugh out loud

Play in a national sports team – I wish!

Make a record – Come on..


Which of these do you most want to be?

Famous – not really

Important – totally!

Rich – Sure, why not? Who don’t want to have money to burn, huh? 😉

Happy – I don’t want nothing special, I just want to be happy, very happy!


Which of these things do you think you will see in your lifetime?

We will find life on other planets – Maybe in a couple of years

People will take holidays in space – Frankly? I don’t think that there’s anything in this world that could surprise me.

Perhaps, they will!

Aliens will visit the Eart! – I’ve got a terrible headache, nanana

People will live on Mars – yeaaah


Greece, Italy, France.

How many more places can you think of?

My mister works in an office!

they did not appear on the earth


People’ ll probably live much longer.

Perhaps people will live for two hundred years or even more!

When I’m older, I’ll live in a big city..


What will the world be like in the future? Will things be better or worse than today?

gotta love this country. totally.

By indolentlady

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