here goes – attention, please!

how do you get to school?

it’s the same all over the world


period pains ;(


stop lights

At what age can people learn to drive? do you want to learn when you’re older?

what problem will it solve?

certainly, we won’t have any problems with getting stuck in a traffic jam

moreover, no daily affairs. when people don’t have a choice and they have to wait for development of the situation, everybody gets nervous easily and picks a fight.


only five years aways – the flying car

the skycar will be here in less than five years!

people won’t drive to the shops


put these words in the correct order to make questions






A journey of a hundred miles will take only sixteen minutes.

they are getting things ready for Justin’s party.

Ah, there she is.

Don’t you feel any affection towards him?

I can make it




By indolentlady

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