I haven’t done that yet

snow plough

She plays the drums

I do it as soon as I get home and then I go to the tennis club

Make sure the camcorder battery was fully charged

What do you want to be when you grow up? = Who do you want to become in the future?

He’s Sheena’s brother !

She got into the best university in this area.

Can’t you wait a bit longer?

bat = paddle

If you want to make a call insert a coin

only about half an hour, okay?

What are you going to get (buy) to Justin for his birthday?

I’m going to have a look for something this afternoon

I’m going to have a drink

I’m going to have a drink

skiing piste (nartostrada! :D)

I guess, I have to go back to elementary level

In most cases we remove ‘e’ and add ‘ing’

running = footrace

he is setting the table = laying the table

at the swimming pool

It’s 7.30 on Sunday morning and I’m sitting at my computer

This year’s Pupil of the Year Award goes to Jack Padecki

she lives at Portland Street

By indolentlady

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