Do you fancy going out tonight?

Do you fancy a cup of coffee?


What happened in the last episode? Some new girl joined class 9K. She made friends with Vicky.

This new girl’s name is Kelly. She made such an impression on Phil, a boy who fell in love with her.

The boy would like to get on with Kelly, but unfortunately they are not in the same class.


Kelly feels homesick. She used to live in Bristol and she now lives in St. Albans, a small town nearby Bristol.

After all, we found some nice way out of this tough situation.


What does Kelly change her mind about?

Kelly changes her mind about the place she lives – about Bristol.

The reason is Phil, very nice guy.


I, for one – ja w każdym razie

commonly at fault.

I was in a stable relationship..


I didn’t know this trait of his character.

I am suspended in time 😉


I could see a speck of dust suspended in the air

I can’t sustain this heat

notion – myśl, pojęcie


His notions were very shallow.

needy – a person who is in need :), this figure longs for help


He is aware of the shortcomings in his education

shrink = psychiatric – said in a very funny way

Relationships are about sharing responsibilities

courteous = kind

I acted like that because I was shy


haphazardly – na chybił trafił


startled look = amazed look

Come on, I’m not a meal ticket (źródło utrzymania)

A boy they can look up to..

get along with hard situation

get along = get on well with sb


somebody who does it once in a while

Don’t be clingy! (przylepny)

You don’t love her until you’ve dated her for at least two months


Women do not want a wimp or pushover

horrendous manners



cop-out – wymigiwać się

neurotic – nerwowy

men with guts – mężczyźni z odwagą

self-conscious = timid, embarrassed

embarrassed silence

inconsiderate, a person who does not reckon with anybody  = thoughtless of others



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