she is happy he is moving in next-door.


It’s half past one in the afternoon. What to do? Sweet Sue is sitting in her office.

Good heavens. I’m incredible.

fightback- próba odegrania się


couch potato – slob; a person who spend a lot of time lying on the couch, staring on TV

sprawled out on the couch

yet worse?


they take their children to school and back by car

Do they play in the garden? Do they play in the street?

They spend time on playing a computer game or simply on sitting in front of their PC’s


He plays football every Saturday morning


household articles

household – domownicy, gospodarstwo domowe

grown-up =adult


go to university, get a job or get married


invent – zmyślić

float upstream (pod prąd) – w górę rzeki

running everywhere at such a speed


spoiled children, so they are boisterous

i’ll keep an eye on her 🙂

I’m taking my time


Test yourself on the vocabulary

We went on a school trip to Lake Windermere

We met at the school

as usual!

George drank two cans of cola, as usual!


after lunch was a boat trip on the lake

boat rolled from side to side, cuz it was windy

go to a souvenir shop

way back home is always long


They can’t go in right now, because some people are using i.

The badminton players normally finish in the gym at 7.45.


She gets the same bus home as you





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