this man is stalking me all the time. should I do something about that? or should I just pretend that nothing serious is happening, that nothing serious is going on?

she receives strange calls from a person who threatens to kill her family.

she never received calls like that (with death threats) up till she dumped her boyfriend.

he doesn’t nurse a grudge anymore so you can feel safe


I made some reckoning and I realized that he didn’t deserve that promotion.

It’s me doing bungee jump. Enjoy!

I’m sorry I can’t talk to you right now because I’ll be late for school


To be honest? You should have told me that right away

I went to bed at 6AM. It wasn’t my plan, tho’

I am excited about that.

I stayed out all night

when I came back home I realized that spending that night outdoors was not a great idea.

I felt sick afterwards. In the other words, I didn’t feel anything except nausea.

I tiptoed to the kitchen and I started listening to the radio. A terrible headache appeared then.

After a while I made up my mind. I made a decision. I thought – All I have to do is finishing this destroying lifestyle that I was leading.

After a moment I realized that my favourite programme should be on TV.


We moved house about 4 months ago. I remember clearly how I felt then. Such emotions as alienation and loneliness were very close to me at that time.

But you know what? I needed that. It was  essential necessity that I had to provide to myself, to my psyche.

What bothers me the most? But it happens rarely. My moodiness. Some mood swings.


by saying compass, I mean a geometric implement 😉 not an implement that indicate direction, tho’

I don’t have an excellent sense of direction. such a pity 😛

On Saturday morning Dad gave me some money and I went into town to get some paint.

Anyway, everything’s back to normal


As a matter of fact, we like each other a lot! 🙂

By indolentlady

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