immigration is a major aspect of US history. People believed in American dream of creating a better life for themselves. They took a risk and forsook their homelands and came to live in the US.

People decided to leave their coutries for various reasons. some of them did it because of persecutions, war and the others for such disasters as famine or epidemics. those people are called displaced persons or simply refugees.

We can divide immigration into four waves:

first wave of immigration : colonial immigration


British people : Scots, English, Irish

Dutch; Germans

Those people received a warm reception from indigenous people of America, all they had to do was conforming to Anglo-American culture and supplying needed labour.


the second wave – the ‘old’ immigrants

1820 – 1890

German Jews – they left their homeland because of persecutions ; Scandinavians, Irish (famine)

40 millions new immigrants

1892 – Ellis Island -regulate immigration

Swiss, Dutch, Britons


the thrid wave : 1890-1930

Southern Europeans (Italy)



the fourth wave : 1965 – to present

By indolentlady

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