testify against yourself

self incrimination – samooskarżanie się

The Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the constitution)1787


1) Separation of church and state

2) The right to bear arms(posiadanie broń) highly controversial.

3)No quartering of soldiers necessary

4)Protection against search and seizure

5)Rights in court cases

You don’t have to tesify against yourself. – you are allowed to remain silence

6) Rights of the accused – ‘Miranda case’

right to be told that they can remain silence, ask for lawyer or make a call

7)Right to trial by jury.

a jury of your peers. people close in gender and background to the accused

8)Protection against cruel and unusual punishment –

9)Protection of rights retained by the people

10)States’ rights


right to vote for black men, for all women to vote. In 1971, the voting age was reduced to 18


Two party system :

The Democratic Party (DemocratS)      1792


-for more social services

-for big government


The Republican Party (republicans) 1854

-began as an anti-slavery party

-evolved to very conservative party




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