stay tuned!

Jim made a gesture of refusal

*How can I knit a sweater like this?

You have to button up this cardigan

brand – marka

trunk : skrzynia; tułów, bagażnik, trąba,

pień; She leaned her bicycle against a tree trunk

knee-length skirts

Such garments were (in previous times) often worn as normal daily clothing by men

hostile person


high-spirited – bubbly


The price was outrageous (oburzający, skandaliczny)

mitten – cartoon

a high-pinned ponytail

I picked a fight again 😦

She has a smile to die for

grumpy person

nothing to speak of

clamorous = noisy

DOUGH -ciasto

three-piece suite – zestaw wypoczynkowy

a nightstand – a bedside table

a bedside lamp


dressing table


a-level – advanced level

the constant complaining gets on my nerves

amenity – urok

proficiency level? can’t be!

socialize – przystosować kogoś do życia towarzyskiego, prowadzić życie towarzyskie

approach – dostęp, metoda

Let’s try a different approach


boost – czynnik pobudzający



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