working up to it gradually :)

polling – przeprowadzanie badania opinii publicznej

Janine voted on the poll, what will make your spring dress pop?

work up to sth – get ready for sth

gradually – by degrees, powoli, stopniowo

necktie = tie

dimple – dołek, wglębienie

I want you to stay here permanently

If not permanently, then for a long enough period for him to get away

*Can you unite this knot?

*He’s very good at tying knots


I feel as if my hands were tied

Let’s tie him up and blindfold him

tie = draw

a blindfold

tie sb up – bind sb

circle of friends

geometric implement :

a compass

frill – falbanka

accessories = the frills

clothing essentials

the essentials – podstawy (np. jakiejś wiedzy)



By indolentlady

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