liveable wages

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.(środek)


*sit at the desk – siedzieć przy biurku

in our midst – w naszym gronie

labor = labour – siła robocza

The government has set a minimum wages for all workers

*Are you satisfied with your wage?

prosperity – dobrobyt

Because God wants us to have more cash

By and large – ogólnie rzecz biorąc

altogether – all things considered – all in all

secular – świecki

bargaining – negocjacje, pertraktacje

livable wages

not on what you make.

health care – opieka zdrowotna

glossary of terms

There is a glossary at the end of book

The glossary contains the key words used in the text

He decided to add some Latin quotes to the glossary


By indolentlady

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