guess what!? I will make it! no matter how hard it will be

She decorated the dessert with orange peel

He slipped on a banana peel.

She comes across a big obstacle

She comes across Ben, her old friend

broadcast – emitować

correct your mistakes


The water pipe burst during the winter

He burst into laughter and hugged him

When I told my mum I was pregnant, she burst into tears

assume = suppose


*Pauline tore up his letter

cry out = exclaim = call out


arrest = apprehend = seize (schwytać)

*He shrieked at me and told me to mind my own business

reject = refuse


Jack wandered about the living room

She’s probably still wandering around

glide – ślizgać się, szybować, sunąć


kennel – psia buda

This dog needs to wear a leash (smycz)

CLAW – pazury

PAW – łapa

stroke – głaskać

collar – obroża

muzzle – kaganiec

coat – sierść

the dog was waging his tale

cave – jaskinia




By indolentlady

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