daily routine

These college kids are making so much noise

She was wearing kid gloves

tabby cat

tick – kleszcz


tomcat – kot, kocur (samiec)

viper – bleeeeh

those are your spoiled kids?

flow – płynąć

Don’t you feel any affection towards him?


She splashed him

We pulled up at a small cafe (zatrzymac pojazd)

retain your dignity – zachowywać godność

oblige – zobowiazywac


The prices remained unchanged

foresee = predict


Lakes are scattered around the area

He poured himself a glass of water

getting ready for school

he is ling in all the time:)


rub = dry up

Take a dog for a walk

She runs the home


impartial = unprejudiced = fair-minded

This is an example of a person who is rather petty (małostkowy)


prudent = sensible = careful


By indolentlady

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