am I tetchy?

persistent = pig-headed = obstinate


Could you dry up these plates? wytrzeć do sucha

faithfulness = fidelity (dokładność as well)

*She is so touchy when it comes to her appearance

touchy = tetchy

I am a selfless person


I’ll ring the plumber up tomorrow

as I turned around I saw her

Take a one pair of clean socks out, please

set the table = lay the table

be off

proceed – postępować

Look at that beautiful glow 🙂

I’ll look into it tomorrow (popatrzę )

get on a bus


take a bow

I called on Pauline – wpaść z wizytą

I am afraid of her security

*He jumped out of his car and ran towards her

*The fire went out

bow – kokarda, ukłon

He ran after his elder brother

You cannot acting like that all the time

go around = circumvent



By indolentlady

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