a tedious activity..


a triplet – one of the triplets

wife to be

pedigree = family tree

acquainted with

bride ; bridegroom = groom

*She bought some fruit at the market

*He buys his food at the market

having a baby = having a child (URODZIĆ)


she is getting on well with her mother  🙂


make up with sb- pogodzić się z kimś


fall out with sb = have a row with sb = to quarrel = to argue= have an argument

generation gap

gulf = gap

He should never have married her..

she is expecting a child

get engaged

get divorced

get married

she is making a vow (ślubowanie, przyrzeczenie)

married couple


corn silk – wąsy kukurydzy!! 😀


gosh, such a moody person of me ! 😛

sleeveless shirt



She likes to wear suede gloves

I got a lovely suede jacket from my elder sister

my terible mood swing – huśtawka nastroju


let’s play on my mood swings

i am playing upon him.

dress up = disguise

*She couldn’t take in this plan – Ona nie mogła zrozumiec, pojac

*The shelter is taking in homeless people


My dear, we have to take in the bottom part of this sweatshirt

I’ll try it on

We have to take up this trousers

let out the trousers

let down the trousers

I need to let this trousers down

a shabby blazer

a singlet = a vest

waistcoat = vest



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