phrases, sentences, what the f*ck?

no one wants to have problems with spotty complexion. what is that everyone is dreaming about? flawless complexion without any blemishes, pimples, spotes. yes, that’s right

have you ever wondered how would you look like if you wear contact lenses?

the buckle was adjacent to this bag

this handsome guy is suntanned

long-sighted & short-sighted

when she smiles, you can admire her wonderful dimples

protrusive ears are not desireable. this is not indication, sign of beauty. unfortunately

women should wear their hair in a bun tied on the top of their heads.

she was noted for her lovely, rosy cheeks!

freckled and red-haired (ginger-haired) girls are quite attractive, aren’t they?

men have facial hair

her father was quite stout

snub nose is not an indication of beauty, either.

chinese are noted for their slanting eyes





By indolentlady

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