third conditional

if we had reached our destination at that time, we would have checked in a bed and breakfast (B&B)

interchangeable  – sth can be replaced with another analogic thing

* when she finishes the  project we will evaluate it.

* as long as he reads, we will not disturb him

* you will go there, unless I tell you, that you don’t have to

if she phones, i talk to her

if she phones, i will talk to her

if she phoned me, i would talk to her

on the net there is an agony column you can share your private life, problems with anyone you want.

the plane takes off at 8 PM

I have bought face powder lately

I didn’t buy anything

this dress is kinda kitsch

what can i say about that, i am using instant messaging all the time, so am i hooked on that?

each blue-collar has to wear this boilersuit

he is in prison awaiting trial

a surpise awaited us at home

enthralling moment in out lives?

Pauline’s farewell

we owe editing to Mrs Brown !

At the airport there is a baggage reclaim, it stands for a place where your baggage is given back.

i was bored to death despite the fact that it was a package holiday so i really should have had a go in such activities as swimming with the catamaran and hearing breaking waves and so on and so forth.

i am into this handsome, cultivated, clever, funny, reasonable boy!! and i feel like screaming so everybody can hear that i am so happy!

what’s on cinema?

nothing special. you can only watch movies that will make you feel dead and alive. the plot is still the same tedious bunch of malarkey.

playing the trumpet can be very hard task to accomplish.

the film you were talking about was oscar-winning masterpiece.

each tribe has special customs that you cannot ignore and jeer

when you are dreaming of snorkeling, you have to know that this sport requires wearing flippers

departure lounge took half the time 🙂

still life can be underrated = unappreciated

i was sitting by the lake when i heard that strange noise out of nowhere (niewiadomo skąd)

shaky step

fishing rod is indispensable tool when you are about to fishing

tumours can be very dangerous so you have to observe your body

it is obvious that travelling by plane requires having a boarding card

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