so many shortcomings. a lot of, lots of!!!

finio = finish;  oboedio = obey; venio = come; audio = hear

finio = finire

ego finio                         nos finimus

tu finis                            vos finitis

is, ea, id finit                ii, eae, ea finiunt


oboedio = oboedire

ego oboedio                   nos oboedimus

tu oboedis                       vos oboeditis

is, ea, id oboedit           ii, eae, id oboediunt


venio = venire

ego venio                        nos venimus

tu venis                            vos venitis

is, ea, id venit                ii, eae, id veniunt


audio = audire

ego audio               nos audimus

tu audis                   vos auditis

is, ea, id audit       ii, eae, ea audiunt


By indolentlady

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