hard to believe

i have been learning english since i was 7 years old.. and the results are not very uplifting… poorly..

my mother has been talking on the phone for hours

pauline has been sitting in front of the TV all day long

we have been playing in the playground since breakfast

it has been raining for hours


we have been partying all weekend

dad has been moving the lawn all afternoon

betty has been writing diary all her life


present perfect continuous

i have been thinking about your idea and i’m not convinced it’s a good one

i have been learning all day long

i have been lying on the sofa

i have been studying all night long

it has been snowing heavily

he has been sitting in his armchair since 10 o’clock

she has been living here since i remember

he has been sleeping for 2 hours


* to describe activities that were habits or practices it also took place several times in the past

i have been staying up late for the past week

he has been phoning me every night for the whole month

they have been going to the gym every sunday recently


By indolentlady

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